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No escape from auditions

No escape from auditions


There was a privately operated bakery in the town I lived in the past. Although it was in a prime location in front of the station, the shop wasn't doing too well. The bread left in the open invited flies, so I looked at the staff behind the register to signal that they do something about it. The old woman behind the counter saw that I was looking at her and said that she couldn't do anything since they come in. She didn't even pretend to chase the flies away.
I just thought about buying packaged bread, so I tried their sandwich.
When I turned it over, I found a seal with the expiration date.
Two hours have passed since the time recorded on the seal.
That was the moment I realized why the bakery was empty every time I looked through the window. I never went there again, but the impact it left on me made me think about putting a private bakery in a novel.

I like watching sports because it's filled with emotion and excitement. You are not only captivated by what's in the spotlight but you are also drawn in by unexpected events lurking behind the game.
Only a handful of players are able to achieve and leave favorable results.
Most of the players end up without producing their desired results.
That is to say, their efforts did not pay off.
How often does bad luck change a person's life?
This reflects our lives as well.
Rather, it might be best to say that this is why our life is full of meaning.
Life is full of complicatedly intertwined luck and bad luck, coincidence and inevitability.
What makes life amazing is the fact that you can find a reason to smile and to have fun in things that are different from what you wanted.

I wanted to paint a woman who is always looking forward despite the unpredictability of fate.
Even when walking at a slow pace or even when walking in the wrong direction, she is a woman who takes one step at a time.
I thought about making this kind of woman the daughter of the bakery's owner, and I was able to catch the interest of my editor when I suggested this to him.
So, what I came up with is a novel called "No escape from auditions".


No escape from auditions
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