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I become a gold general

I become a gold general


The novel begins with a meeting with the editor.
When I put forward my proposal about the type of story I want to tell, the editor asks questions.
The skeleton of the novel gets completed in my head as I answer those questions.
The editor's requests and opinions are also incorporated in it.

Then I start to create the plot.
I think of the characters and decide upon the story.
I work on it in considerably details.
I think not only about the setting, where is the location of Section 1 of Chapter 1, who are the characters appearing, and how they encounter, but also about the inner feelings of the characters at that time.

Then I meet with the editor again.
Unlike last time, in this meeting, we are looking over the plot, so the questions from the editor are more specific.
Based on the editor's opinion, I may modify the plot on the spot.

I start to write after this.

I am supposed to write according to the set plot ... but for some reason, things do not go like that.
The characters change, and the story moves in an unplanned direction.
I can not stop that.
Even though I am supposedly writing it, I cannot control it with my power.
I am quite aware that what I am talking about is strange and you may not understand it easily.
Even though it is a plot I wanted, I prepared thinking I want it this way, I ignore it saying "I can't do anything with my strength." As if I am saying some unknown power existed, which is problematic as an adult.

The same happened with this book, "I become a gold general".
Initially, I intended to write on the life of an older sister from the viewpoint of the younger brother.
I prepared the plot in line with that idea.
But when I started writing it ... I could not take my eyes off the brother.
A boy, who has a complex with his perfectly normal self, prays to have in him some special talent.
The boy grows into a youth, then an adult member of the society... while following his story closely, suddenly I found myself depicting his life.

When I sent the editor the email after I finished writing "I become a gold general", I added a plea, "Please forget that plot."
That is because it came out as a completely different novel from the original plan.

Even though it was justified for me to be scolded for wasting our meeting time, but the editor is used to this, and just nodded, "I understand ~".

There are actually no ordinary lives. There is a drama in the life of everyone. There is laughter, there are tears.
There is no other same life. Your life is your own, only one in the world.
It may not be a special thing to watch out for, but you can make it into a wonderful life for yourself.
If you feel like this after you finish reading this "I become a gold general", I will be really happy.


I become a gold general
I become a gold general
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