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The lady who had to endurew

House of the Eden's End


East of Eden is a film starring James Dean.
This film is a true favorite of mine.
I burst into tears whenever I watch it.
Dean plays the role of a solitary and sensitive youth.
His interactions with his family leave him with nothing but damage.
His eyes give off a forlorn look.

For many years, I wondered if I could write a novel as an homage to this amazing film.
However, this was easier said than done.
I was so enthusiastic about East of Eden that I couldn't seem to get a book together in my own way.

One day, I was talking with my editor over lunch.
We got to talking about the film, and before long I found myself engrossed in talking about Cal.
As I talked, I began to see in my mind's eye the image of a lonely man, seen in profile.
It was not James Dean, but someone entirely different.
My story was taking shape.
Out of nowhere, I was suddenly brimming with confidence, and I found myself proposing the book to my editor then and there.
I had the setting, the age of the protagonist, his occupation, and everything in mind.
As the ideas came to me, I let them out. Hearing myself talk, I found myself agreeing with these ideas as they came out.
The enthusiasm of a new story building up seemed, this time, to be coursing through me.
I was excited, and also pleased at meeting this new character.

While I could have channeled that energy to put pen to paper right away, I felt I needed to take a step back and give the work some balance.
I stuck a note to the side of my monitor that outlined the general tone and feel of the work, using that as a guide.
The note said: "Sharp, cool, and silent."
I would glance at this note as I wrote, ensuring that I stayed on track with the quiet and subdued tone of the work.
Maintaining this balance and detachment from the character and not overwriting him was quite a challenge.


The lady who had to endure
The lady who had to endure
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