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The Marriage House

The Marriage House


I thought I would like to write a story about marriage in their 50s.
I liked the people who worked hard and has an idea that those who were looking for marriage should have worked hard.

What kind of activities for marriage done for men and women in their 50s?
What strategy should they have?
What is the difference between them and people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s?
Or what do they have in common?

To know this, we asked a marriage information service company for interview.
They told me the current situation of the marriage information industry and the characteristics and trends of marriage hunters in their 50s.

After roughly studying the entire industry, I proceeded to set up the characters.
What kind of parents they were born from, what kind of children they were in elementary school, what kind of job they got ... thus, I decided the background, personality, career and so on. This is quite difficult.
But fun.
Creating the lives of people who have lived for more than 50 years is a difficult task.
50 years is pretty long.
Determining the lives of the characters has taken longer than usual.
And I enjoyed this work more than usual.
Determining the lives of the characters is one of the real pleasures of writing job.
It was a character making while enjoying it to the fullest.

Next, I thought about the story about what kind of motivation and what kind of people these characters would be looking for.
Likes and dislikes, marriage hunting in the 50's does not proceed with such things alone.
Aging parents, children and imminent retirement age ... Marriage while facing with these difficulties is not easy.

Therefore, we decided to have a consultant from a marriage information service company who appeared to encourage and support the marriages at lost.

The main character is Kyoko Kiryu.
Kyoko herself is in her 50s.
She is called a charismatic counselor because she creates more and more couples with her own abundance, vitality and push.
With her support, what kind of marriage can be done by men and women in their 50s at lost?
And what kind of future do they choose along?
I hope you read this novel as if you were attending each character's choice.


The Marriage House
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