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Love Test

Love Test


The editor who came to my office said to me, "write a love story, by all means."
Thinking that he didn't mean what he had said, I asked him to repeat it.
I often had had offers to write about "boys", "old men", " working women who were active." However, that was the first time that I was asked to write a novel on love.

Maybe he was unable to remain indifferent, seeing me totally lost, he offered a concession proposal, saying, "it'd be fine if you wrote about love in a broad sense."
To me, whether it was in a broad sense or a narrow sense, "love" was an extremely troublesome subject.
Finding myself in a fix, all I could do was to keep my arms crossed.
At any rate, I decided to ask him to give me some time.

When the editor showed up again in my office six months later, I gingerly made my request, "Won't you let me have a God of Love in my novel?"
That was a gamble.
If he should say that there couln't be anyone like that, I'd have no way out, but simply sulk and kick the pebbles....
If the editor should say, "that sounds interesting, doesn't it," I would surely strike my "gutsy pose."

I wonder which he'd say. I tried to gauze from his facial exression.....
Then, came the words, "it sounds interesting, doesn't it."
What a relief! Before I knew it, I was stroking my chest.
To tell you the truth, I had nothing else ready.
I seem to have thought that if my idea hadn't work, I'd just have to take the easy way out--- I'd just change the story to one about someone who had a pet, named "Love"!!


Love Test
Love Test


Love Test
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